Friday, October 22, 2010

Frisbee Golf (Frolf)

Students participated eagerly in an activity that many had not done before. Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf is a really fun game, and Highland Park has a disc golf course that many in our community use. I set up a course through out the field house and students learned the vocab terms: tee shot, lie, throwing order, and completion of a hole. A link to further explain the idea of Frisbee golf is below. We had to modify some of the rules and equipment due to what we had available, but the kids got the concept and had a great time. :-)

Hole 1 Score _____Hole 6 Score _____
Hole 2 Score _____Hole 7 Score _____
Hole 3 Score _____Hole 8 Score _____
Hole 4 Score _____Hole 9 Score _____
Hole 5 Score _____Hole 10 Score_____
Total Score _______

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