Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rationale for Physical Fitness Testing

The Presidential Challenge includes five events that measure muscular strength/endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility.  Students will be tested three times in the following tests: Curl-ups, Endurance run, Right Angle Push-ups, Shuttle Run, and Sit and Reach.

                First test-Curl-ups
                The objective is to measure the abdominal strength/endurance by maximum number of curl-ups performed in one minute. Students will have a partner hold his/her feet. Arms are crossed with hands placed on opposite shoulder and elbows held close to chest. Students will raise the trunk up to touch the outside of forearms and elbows to thighs and then lowers the back to the floor so that shoulder blades touch the floor. Bouncing off the floor is not performed and curl-ups should only be counted if performed correctly.

                Second test- Shuttle Run
                The objective is to measure speed and agility. Students will stand behind a designated line. 30 feet away from them will be two erasers, side by side. On signal, students will sprint to first eraser, pick one up and place (not throw) the eraser on the starting line. Then, the student sprints to pick up the second eraser and runs back across the starting line (Do not set eraser down on line. Run all the way through starting line.)

                Third test- Endurance Run
                The objective is to measure heart/lung endurance by fastest time covering a one mile, half mile, or quarter mile distance. For 4th, 5th and 6th graders, they will be completing the one mile distance, for 2nd graders, they will be completing the half mile distance, and for the 1st graders, they will be completing the quarter mile distance. I don't have 3rd grade.

                Fourth test- Right angle push ups
                The objective is to measure upper body strength/endurance by maximum number of push-ups completed. The student starts in push-up position with hands under shoulders, arm straight and fingers pointed forward. Legs should be straight with the toes supporting the feet. Keeping the back and knees straight, the student them lowers the body until there is a 90 degree angle formed at the elbows. The push ups are done so that a complete push up is done every three seconds until the student can do no more. The student may not lower him/her self and lay down on the floor in between push-ups.

                Fifth test- Sit and Reach
                The objective is to measure flexibility of lower back and hamstrings. A specially constructed box with a measuring scale marked in centimeters, with 23 centimeters at the level of the feet will be used. Student will remove his/her shoes and sit on the floor with knees fully extended, feet shoulder-width apart and soles of the feet held flat against the end of the box. With hands on top of each other, palms down, and legs held flat, the student reaches along the measuring line as far as possible. After three practice reaches, the fourth reach is held while the distance is recorded.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

A semester in review

Wow, it's hard to believe it is almost Christmas break. The kids make me forget that teaching is my job. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be your child's Physical Education teacher. Northwestern Elementary is a great place to learn lessons in the Physical, Social, and Emotional realms. I thought I would take the time to recap what the kiddos have done for the first half of the year in words and pictures.

Week 1- Introduction games, Class procedure, Name games
Week 2,3, and 4- Presidential fitness testing: Sit-ups, Push-ups, Sit and Reach, Shuttle Run, and Endurance Run
Week 5- Game Week: Bean Bag Bonanza, Pac Man Tag, Free choice game day
Week 6- Soccer skills- Individual dribbling, Partner dribbling, Dribble relays, Soccer passing and kicking into goals
Week 7- Line Soccer, Pin Soccer, Soccer Game
Week 8- Fitness Stations, Matball, Barker's Hoopla
Week 9- Parachute skills, choreographed routines, and games
Week 10- Frisbee golf, Aviator, One two
Week 11- 3 min. running quiz, free choice day (Fall Break Week)
Week 12- Indian Pinball, Battleship
Week 13- Volleyball skills and stations- Ready position, Forearm pass, Set, Serve
Week 14- Upper Elementary did Newcomb (Modified volleyball) Lower Elementary did skill work, Barker's Hoopla
Week 15- Indian Pinball, 5 min. running quiz (Thanksgiving break)
Week 16- Curl up test, Push up test, Fitness station work
Week 17(current week)- Shuttle run test, Sit and reach test, Fitness station work
Week 18- (will be) Endurance Run and make-up tests, Games
Week 19-(will be) Free choice day (Christmas break start)