Monday, December 6, 2010

A semester in review

Wow, it's hard to believe it is almost Christmas break. The kids make me forget that teaching is my job. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be your child's Physical Education teacher. Northwestern Elementary is a great place to learn lessons in the Physical, Social, and Emotional realms. I thought I would take the time to recap what the kiddos have done for the first half of the year in words and pictures.

Week 1- Introduction games, Class procedure, Name games
Week 2,3, and 4- Presidential fitness testing: Sit-ups, Push-ups, Sit and Reach, Shuttle Run, and Endurance Run
Week 5- Game Week: Bean Bag Bonanza, Pac Man Tag, Free choice game day
Week 6- Soccer skills- Individual dribbling, Partner dribbling, Dribble relays, Soccer passing and kicking into goals
Week 7- Line Soccer, Pin Soccer, Soccer Game
Week 8- Fitness Stations, Matball, Barker's Hoopla
Week 9- Parachute skills, choreographed routines, and games
Week 10- Frisbee golf, Aviator, One two
Week 11- 3 min. running quiz, free choice day (Fall Break Week)
Week 12- Indian Pinball, Battleship
Week 13- Volleyball skills and stations- Ready position, Forearm pass, Set, Serve
Week 14- Upper Elementary did Newcomb (Modified volleyball) Lower Elementary did skill work, Barker's Hoopla
Week 15- Indian Pinball, 5 min. running quiz (Thanksgiving break)
Week 16- Curl up test, Push up test, Fitness station work
Week 17(current week)- Shuttle run test, Sit and reach test, Fitness station work
Week 18- (will be) Endurance Run and make-up tests, Games
Week 19-(will be) Free choice day (Christmas break start)







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