Friday, November 19, 2010

Exercises we do at the beginning of class

Let the kiddos show you a variety of exercises we do at the beginning of each class to get warmed up. 

                                                        Students performing jumping jacks

Students doing line jumps

Mountain climber time


Cardio Endurance Run

Volleyball unit in pictures

The past two weeks have been filled with volleyball skill work and games. Students learned how to bump, set, and serve the ball. Games included Keep it up, Serve a Rama, and Newcomb.  Here are a few pictures and videos to show what we did in class!!

Mrs. Miller

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Trimmings

If you are interested in keeping or getting in shape over the holiday season, call 457-4447 to get signed up for the YMCA's Holiday Trimmings program.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pin Ball and Battleship

Last week, students participated in two games that worked on hand-eye coordination, team work, and strategy.

The first game is called Pin Ball

The object of the game is to roll or toss the playground ball to the other side of the gym, knocking down the other teams’ pins.

1.       Divide the class in half and have the students line up at each end of the basketball court.
2.       Give the cue: Ready, Go and students will run to get a playground ball to throw at the other teams’ pins. They may not cross the middle line to get a playground ball.
3.       When one team knocks the other team’s pins down, the game is over
4.       Have the students set up the pins, put the playground balls up and go back to the baseline to play again.

1.       No kicking the playground ball or you will walk around the track instead of playing the game that round.
2.       No crossing the middle line.
3.       No guarding the pins
4.       If you knock down a pin accidently on your side, it must stay down.

The second game is called battleship.

The object of the game is to sink everyone’s battleship before your own battleship is sunk. Ships are sunk when all their pins, lined up on the corners of the ship, are knocked down.
Students must stay on their mat (battleship) unless they are the team’s dolphin, in which case they are retrieving balls (cannons) and throwing them to their team mates to throw at the pins. This game is very fast paced and games only last 1-3 minutes.
New dolphins are selected each time and strategy time is given to teams to discuss ways to protect their battleship while trying to sink others ships.