Friday, October 14, 2011

4th-6th grade 10 mile club (as of 10/14/2011)

 Each day in 4th-6th grade Physical Education, students jog or run a certain amount of time. We started at the beginning of the year at 1 minute and have increased each week by 30 seconds. We are up to 5 minutes of consecutive running. During this time, students keep track of how many laps they do on the indoor track. 12 laps = 1 mile. We have been charting how many laps we do each day so we can total our mileage throughout the year. Once students in 4th-6th grade attain 120 laps, they become part of the 10 mile club and they will be recognized on this blog and in the Northwesterly newsletter. After this week, students have completed approximately 16 days of Physical Education (some less due to swimming/field trips) To have accomplished 10 miles in this amount of time means that on average, a student has completed 7.5 laps per day during the warm-up time. WOW and congratulations to the first 5  (10 mile club) earners in Mrs. Miller's Physical Education class!!!!!

4th grade- Camber Fillenwarth- 10 miles
6th grade- CJ Closson- 10 miles
6th grade- TJ Macaluso- 10 miles and 1 lap
6th grade- Jack Perkins- 10 miles and 2 laps
5th grade- Katie Neher- 10 miles and 20 laps

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